DamnGood Graphics

Ruby Cup.

Ruby Cup is a social menstrual health business.Their mission is to provide safe and sustainable menstruation management for women and girls worldwide regardless of their income level and education and to give information on menstrual hygiene and female health.

The brand had an obsolete look and feel that was similar to the rest of the brands in the industry with pink-purple colours and flowers. They wanted to innovate and go a step further from an identity point of view. After a few sessions working close with the marketing team we got the main strategic objectives from the brand perspective: be more caring, sustainable and empowered, with a strong personality breaking the ‘bloody’ taboo.

That brought us to 3 different Art Direction lines ending with this really minimalistic, iconic and bold brand where the central “Y” is the product itself. All surrounded by a confident red and a rounded typographic system.

Based on that we created the whole brand guidelines document including the iconography, colour palette, layout system, photographic style, etc. We also designed the new packaging and the collateral materials of the brand.

The impact of the new brand was greatly appreciated by the current customers and loved by the new ones.