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Barcelona Spring Combo.

Barcelona is known as one of the design capitals of the world. I normally say that if you kick a stone in the city there are a hundred graphic designers underneath. Accordingly, there are soooo many creative events and activities taking part in the city during the year.

Especially during the pre-summer season, the amount of interesting activities is insane. Let’s take a look at this spring and what we managed to do to get inspired and stay tuned to the industry vibes.

At the beginning of May, there’s Sitges Next. A two-day festival in Sitges all about innovation and communication. This year, the conferences were about the automotive, music and tourism industries and how the design was going to impact these areas in the next years. Apparently the automotive industry is going to change more in the next 5 years than in the past 100. Quite difficult to process, to be honest.

By that time, at the Design Hub in Barcelona there was an immersive exhibition called Design Does. By going there, you could travel across years of design looking at how it has changed the society and what role it plays in sustainability, politics, ONGs and people’s lifestyle in general. The key point of the whole thing was to gather feedback from each visitor and the global input at the end of the tour. It makes you think.

At the end of May, there is OFFF. One of the most important festivals about digital design and new creative trends you could find in Europe. 3 days of inspiring talks, motivational workshops and shared professional experiences to get the most out of the international visual scene. Every year OFFF catches around 6.000 people in an amazing venue with 3 stages and more than 50 conferences.

Wait. There is more. The week after OFFF, Barcelona hosts the Barcelona Design Week. This time a mixture of graphic design, fashion, industrial design and architecture invades the city with lots of events across the different districts. In the opening ceremony we also had the pleasure of seeing the exhibition: The best designs of the year. As it says, you can find the most awarded projects in one place. Pretty damn good stuff.

To end the spring season, on top of that, there is a major party: Sonar Festival. This legendary event of Music, Creativity and Technology takes place in different areas of Barcelona. I especially like Sonar by Day where you can have futuristic multimedia experiences and enjoy the sunshine with the best DJs. This year, Sonar turned 25 years old. With that motive, they opened an exhibition in a great venue gathering all the visual campaigns of the Sonar history. Really shocking and cool! So the Barcelona spring combo is gone. Let's wait for next year!